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Why Be an Ostrich? |The Mobile Web is Here to Stay



A lot of business people, especially those with a Main Street background, like to pretend that the mobile web isn’t happening. They think that if they ignore it and put their head in the sand, it will just vanish.
Sorry, but it is time they take their heads out of the sand and face reality. It isn’t vanishing. The Mobile Internet is here to stay. It is a powerful force that is thundering along, gaining more and more energy and your customers are moving with it.
Right now, just having a website isn’t adequate. It is critical that your business have a mobile friendly version of your website.

If You Don’t Have a Mobile Website-You’re Not Online

Your customers aren’t going to hang on until you have one fashioned. If they can’t see your site correctly (if at all) on their smartphones they will spend their dollars and dimes somewhere else…Your competition.
This is not scaremongering. The statistics are cautioning us about what is occurring At the moment. 49% of the mobile subscribers in the United States use a smartphone and they are interested in using your services. Nine out of 10 mobile searches that they conduct lead to action, over half leading to purchase.
The information is growing. Nine of 10 phones sold today are Smartphone’s. In the first quarter of 2012 alone, almost 145 million smartphones were sold. By the end of 2012, estimates are that more smartphones will be sold than PCs, with sales (estimated) of 657 million smartphones. As a test, ask your associates and relations what kind of phone they own. If they don’t have a smartphone at the moment, no doubt they will tell you that they will be getting one soon.

Why You Need to Go Mobile

Smartphones are a principal part of your customer’s lives. They are addicted to them. They are using them for Twitter posts, updating their Facebook account and for shopping online.
If you provide a product or service that they crave, they will expect to be able to look at your website on their phone.
If your website content is not easy to read on a cell phone, you are in trouble since most mobile users will simply leave your site and take their money Somewhere else.
So even if you don’t believe that you need a mobile version of your website, you will in reality be doing your business a lot of harm by ignoring the statistics and your customer’s needs. Every day of the week that you don’t maintain a mobile web site you will be losing customers – Customers with revenue to spend looking for your product or services.
Whether you are a dentist, a neighborhood retailer, a chiropractor, a florist or a landscape gardener, you can make contact with all of your customers more effectively and simpler by having a mobile web site.

Mobile Marketing-The Future is Now!

Having a mobile website will future-proof your business by opening the portals to literally hundreds of modern and creative ways to drive traffic to your site. For illustration, QR (quick response) codes will allow you to create unrestricted marketing campaigns that will drive budding customers to specific mobile friendly landing pages with calls to action that work.
Recent figures show that 50% of Mobile phone users have scanned a QR code and 18% of them made a purchase as a result. That is 18% more customers that you would not have had with no mobile marketing platform. Can you see the possibilities for your business?
What some business owners overlook is that it is not your customer’s job to remember that you are in business. You need to remind them constantly that you are at hand.
Using the right tools and assets is critical. We see various businesses owners attempting to draw attention to their business by throwing away good money on sizeable newspaper dissplays, the Yellow Pages and flyers.
Newspapers and the Yellow pages are a moribund business paradigm and in nearly all cases it is a misuse of time putting a one-time notice in them. Flyers are pricey and only reach a restricted segment of the population.
Mobile marketing is the best way of keeping in contact with your current and prospective customers whot may have forgotten you or not even realized that you were there.
We would advise any business thinking about using mobile marketing (to reach potentially millions more customers) to seek out an expert on how they can employ traffic generating marketing strategies and turbo-charge their business.
Having a mobile friendly site will not only impress your clients but will set you well apart from your competition who still have their heads buried in the sand and are refusing to acknowledge that times are moving at such a terrific pace.
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