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Mobile Marketing: Tablets or Smartphones?

How to Budget?

It’s pretty much a given that tablet ownership is soaring, both in the US and globally. But what to do about mobile marketing to tablets versus marketing to smartphones.
Search Engine Watch says tablets accounted for 18.31 percent of conversions in a world where mobile only makes up 3.62 percent of all conversions. So what to do?
Do you sideline smartphones in favor of tablets? Afterall, it’s known that smartphones rarely are the sole determining factor in making online purchases. Consumers switch between devices.
Read the arguments in Search Engine Watch but know the Creative Mobile Strategies can help you decide how to best spend your mobile marketing bucks. We use programs designed to create the best user experience on smartphones or tablets. Plus we use software that makes sure your website is sent to the device that asks for it.
Contact us at (503) 244-7916 or email us at info(@) and don’t forget to ask how we can help with SMS marketing and QR codes too.
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