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Free Mobile Marketing With QR Codes

Use QR Codes to Build Your Business

You may have heard about QR codes, but weren’t convinced how they work, what they are for and how they can benefit your small business. QR code stands for Quick Response code and is a 2D barcode comparable to the barcode that’s on nearly all retail products these days, but QR codes hold much more data and information. Typical barcodes comprise up to 20 digits, but QR barcodes are 2D matrices that can accommodate thousands of letters and numbers.
Smart phones read QR codes and use the information they hold to access a mobile website, mobile offer or other digital content. Businesses are using QR codes to connect to sign up pages, mobile coupon offers and mobile app downloads.
QR codes have been used for more than ten years in Japan – where they were first employed – by several different types of businesses. QR codes diverge from other areas of mobile marketing since they need to be placed somewhere so they can be effortlessly scanned by mobile devices.
QR codes are Excellent marketing tools for small businesses because they are inexpensive to create and use.

    Some of the places that businesses use QR codes are:

  • On marketing brochures – these link to a specific Page on your mobile website or a specific offer

  • On business cards – on the front if there’s room, or on the back – and connect to a special offer or opt-in page

  • On sales or cash register receipts – offering a markdown on the next Transaction when customers

  • Opt-in to your email list or other promotion

  • On restaurant menus – particularly take-out menus – that can link to a page where an order for takeout or delivery can be made

  • On flyers – posting flyers on utility poles, store bulletin boards or car windshields with codes that link to offers

  • On packaging – these can link to information pages about the products or coupons encouraging additional purchases


QR codes are time savers because they allow your customers and possible customers to have access to your company’s mobile website, text opt-in page or mobile offers while people are on the go. Active people won’t call a number or they may forget your website address, but they value the immediate gratification of clicking and getting information and access they want – when they want it – and are in the mood to receive your message.
Because they cost virtually nothing, there’s no motive not to try to integrate QR codes into every small business marketing scheme. QR codes are exciting, because there’s really no limit to what you can offer to your customers for using this cheap, inexpensive, low-cost flexible marketing tool.

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