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Mobile Commerce’s Hidden Aspects

It’s a conventional theory that there’s a lot of revenue in mobile marketing, though where the revenue comes from can be a person’s opinion.


For instance, if you look at mobile retail sales, as a Forrester prognosis did, mCommerce will reach $12 billion this year and $31 billion In 2017. eMarketer says U.S. Shoppers will spend $37 billion on retail purchases by smartphones and tablets this year.


But it would be a misjudgment to consider mobile Commerce as including simply those statistics, no question which range you agree or disagree with.


Mobile Marketing Dollars Are Going Nowhere But UP!


Mobile payments alone are expected to go from $18 billion this year to $90 billion By 2017, according to Forrester, which still is a partial picture.

Mobile commerce sales at eBay this year are predicted to hit $20 billion, and that’s merely a single business.


What is not so apparent, or at least reported in many research reports, is the impression mobile has on commerce.


A person could use their tablet to check out prices or products prior to going to a store, or use a mobile device while shopping to compare prices, or text relatives for advice but still end up buying an item in a store. The information looks like a regular sale but the impression of mobile influence could well be the determining reason for the sale.


A recent Deloitte Digital study essentially recorded the influence of mobile on retail sales and determined that within three years, mobile-influenced store sales will amount to between $628 billion and $752 billion.


And that’s where the real revenue in mobile is, in the concealed clout of mCommerce.


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