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Creative Mobile Strategies is committed to making mobile marketing not only understandable but within your budget. We work with Main Street businesses to help them build their mobile websites, attract more customers and develop effective mobile marketing programs.

Excellence is My Passion

Excellence is my passion, It is what I have kept in mind as I have developed my various careers and it is what I try to teach everyone I work with.
I want you to be the best you can be because if you are the best I benefit from my proximity to you
Frankly, I am a diehard for the entrepreneurial spirit. Small business is the foundation of our country and our economy. And despite the idea someone recently tried to impart, this country was built by small business. Small business has pulled us out of previous economic downturns and small bsuiness will build the foundation of the inevitable coming recovery.
I have a role in that recovery. I am helping business leaders to get better, to build it even bigger, no government needed.

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I’ve had it with the shots being called by the bean counters. Why do businesses keep making decisions for all of the wrong reasons. I can’t be bothered by companies that keep doing the same old things but can’t seem to figure out why business isn’t what it was four or fiveyears ago.
There is really much too much mediocrity in today’s marketplace.
I believe it’s best to let people know why you are unique, what sets you apart from the crowd and what makes you the best. If you don’t tell them…who will?
My mother was right. Everything happens for a reason. It is my pleasure to make your aquaintance and I hope we can continue to be associated online. I would also ask, with all humility, that you introduce me to your business associates, just as someone introduced us.
I’m really quite proud of my points-of-view and share them with you because they are what separate me from everyone else. They make me the person to help you develop a solid mobile marketing system.
Joel Cole
Creative Mobile Strategies