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How to Use QR Codes for Business | Lesson 2

This time we’re going to discuss how QR codes Function and how they
compare to the barcode.


What is a QR Code


As we talked about previously, the QR code is just a more sophisticated iteration
of the UPC barcode. We see UPC barcodes all over the place. They are a universal standard
for merchandise identification for just about every consumer good found nowadays.


What makes using QR codes a useful idea for business owners is the amount of
information that can be stored in them. While the typical bar code can only
stockpile a fixed quantity of numbers, the QR code can stockpile much more,
including things like a concealed sales message.


The Bar Code Transforms to the QR Code


With the advent of high definition cameras, which are available in most
smartphones today, it’s possible for shoppers to decode anything stored inside
the QR code. You only need have a special program (app) that quickly decodes
QR codes in order to unlock the concealed message.


With the quantity of data that can be stored in a QR code, business owners can
put special announcements, promotions, discounts, coupons and more inside them. Once
They have decoded what the message is, the consumer can be given the Opportunity to
take full advantage of the special offer.


QR Codes Use Binary Information


When you take a look at any QR Code, it looks like a random pattern of black dots
within a square with several smaller squares inside of it. All of those dots and
squares are the prime information that is written in it.


We know that in a computer, the system of communication is binary. For those who
aren’t familiar with binary, it’s a series of zeros and ones arranged to translate
into other more involved information. The QR code is done in a similar fashion as
the basic language of the computer.


Typically you have dots representing 1 and the blank spaces rRepresenting zeros.
A common QR code will be read starting from the lower right hand corner and
proceeding upwards vertically.


After the first line has been translated, the scanner moves one column to the
left. The reading always goes from right to left and starts from the lowest point
going up. Since most computers today have a lot of power, they easily can translate
what those dots and spaces are actually telling you.

Without getting into the principles of determining and decoding a QR
code, suffice to say that the program uses an algorithm (a mathmatical
equation) to analyze those dots and spaces to determine what the message
is all about and what it is trying to tell you.


Unlike the common barcode, the QR code needs a more sophisticated reader.


Next time we’ll be talking about how QR codes can be used for your business.


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